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Supa Towels- A Boater's Best Friend

Supa Towels- A Boater's Best Friend

July 26, 2018


By Andrea Heard,

Alpharetta, GA- March 25, 2016- Manufacturers of Matworks Marine carpet and flooring is excited to announce its release of a great new product called Supa Towels. Supa Towels are perfect for the marine lifestyle and available now worldwide.

Keeping your boat or yacht maintained is one of the most important tasks to owners. Use only the best materials. Supa Towels are perfect for polishing your boat. The performance-enhance fabric is manufactured for increased absorption and durability. Whether the towel is wet or dry, it is still able to absorb 4 times as much water as a similar sized standard towel. The extra soft and smooth material outperforms any of the towels on the market for removing waxes and polishes, leaving a superior finish. The towels are offered in black, and can be embroidered with your own custom logo.

Michael Gelb, the President of The Matworks LTD, has been producing marine carpet, flooring, and other marine products for 30 years. He saw the difficulty in finding the perfect material to wash, wax, polish, dry, and clean boats and yachts. Gelb created the Supa Towel and found that it was the "most superior way to maintain any boat or yacht". Now he wants to share it with the world.

See the Supa Towel and other Matworks Marine Products at Contact over the phone at 770-663-0040 (metro Atlanta) or 800-795-6287 (toll-free). Also, email us at


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