Ah Snow Days! Toy and Craft Ideas That Keep Kids Busy For Hours

When snow days are only an occasional thing, they’re pure magic, with playtime in the snow, hot chocolate, and lounging around and extra TV time.

BUT for those in the frozen northeast, those happy snow days are over – snow days just aren’t fun anymore, since after multiple storms in a row, it’s actually really tough to navigate at all outside, especially for tiny kids. Even if you’re covered from top to toe in a stylish little snowsuit, and covered form head to toe in mittens, coats and boogins...how do you play in the snow if you can’t even walk around? Or all the clothes need to be dried from the last 45 minute foray into the great cold outdoors...
Even our hometown of Alpharetta, Ga. as I write this, has had 3 snow days and the kids are out today (umm with 1/2 inch of snow, no less). While I can’t deliver surefire boredom-busters to your front door today, there will be more storms, and stocking up on a few cool new toys to bust out next snow day is a good way to hedge your bets. Here are a few of my suggestions to turn down the temperature on your next case of cabin fever!

The trick is to find a toy or project that’s time-consuming, to ward off the predictable choruses of “I’m bored!” Craft projects are a time-honored time-filler, and with many items we have in stock, you can plop your kid at the table, get them started, and go wash the dog (to get off the snow goo), do the dishes, or check the work email that’s been piling up. For a preschooler, a sticker pad or Sticky Mosaics will keep them busy for a bit; slightly older kids can mesmerize themselves for hours experimenting with the Spirograph Cyclex. Older kids who are proficient at reading and following directions will love the challenge of making cute clay charms, and all you’ll have to do is put the charms in the oven. Or, keep your eldest busy and quiet with even more complex projects like friendship bracelets, embroidery, or the LoopDeLoom Spinning Weaving Loom, which can make real wearable cloth!
Large puzzles are also a good way to get kids playing quietly: just choose a subject they’re interested in, whether it’s horses, Frozen, or pirates, give them some space at the dining room table, and voila! Busy kids!

Snow days are also excellent days for science projects, if you have planned ahead and have the supplies...Snow days can be fun with a tiny bit of imagination and planning (and patience!) and at the end of the day: while it seems like it’s been snowing forever, it’s February and spring is on the horizon. Hang in there, ! It’ll only be a few more weeks before the snow boots go back into storage and the outdoors become great again. 

And to keep things even more organized, clean and neat......check out our Child seat protectors which are now on sale!  

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