Enter Our Cutest Pet FaceBook Contest

Now we all have the cutest pets in the world but have some fun and enter to win something very cool in the process!

Like us on any of our FaceBook  pages and post your adorable pet pictures and you will be entered into our "Cutest Pet in the World Contest". For your convenience use any of the links below :)

My Classy Pet                    Monogram Mats                                     Stable Fresh                                             


 Let's have some fun - just post your cutest pet pics on our page :)

Eligible Prizes include:

A Medium Sized Pet Feeding Mat Set 




A Medium Pet Mat (can be used in kennel or as shown)




A 16 oz Concentrate Stable Fresh to keep everything fresh and clean-

(eliminates magically pet odors and messes- not just for stables) 


Contest rules:

Contest runs from April 28th 2015 until June 1st 2015

One winner for grand prize.

Many winners for consolation prizes (these are good also!)

Matworks's  reserves the right to delete any submission that is inappropriate in nature.

Winners will be announced by the 10th of the month following the contest.

Matworks's will not use any participants' images without prior consent.

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