Im'paw'sible to Resist a Dog Palace

Just like us, our pets can get sunburned, overheated, and dehydrated. We would not want to lay out in grass that is 96 degrees, asphalt that is 115 degrees, or a car that is 148 degrees. They need shade where it can be up to 20 cooler than in the sun. If they must be outside, make sure there is shade provided for them. We love our animals, we want to keep them healthy and comfortable.That is why we sell pet palaces.

The Portable Pet Palace elevated kennel provides the comfort, safety, and security your dog needs with powder coated steel frames.
The kennel is lightweight yet strong while each kennel can easily hold larger breeds of up to 175 pounds. All tube clamps are made from a high quality composite nylon that makes the frame rust resistant. The hood and mat are made of high quality treated canvas which makes it weatherproof yet breathable, meaning the Portable Pet Palace will stay warm during the winter and cool during the summer. The comfortable floor mat is made from synthetic mesh which allows for proper ventilation and prevents fleas from breeding. The canvas mat supplied is scratch resistant and can be tethered directly to the kennel. The Portable Pet Palace easily collapses in seconds and comes with its own carry bag, it is easy to clean and care for and is perfect for camping and traveling.
Breathable and Waterproof. Includes: Storage bag and mat.

The palaces come in sizes small, medium, large, and extra large, guaranteed that no matter the size of your dog, there will be a palace the perfect size for him or her. They can even be embroidered with your dog’s name over the door to the palace to make the palace on of a kind, just like your dog. Palaces go for $99 and an extra $20 for embroidery, if preferred. The palaces are worth every penny because it means keeping your pet safe during these record high summer days.

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