Raise Your Hand If Your Boat Carpet is Old, Dirty, or Just Outdated!

Let SnapInCarpets help bring your boat back to life! And at the lowest prices ever offered!

SnapInCarpets has lowered their pricing on all marine mats. The carpet is marine grade, fade resistant, mold and mildew resistant, and has an 8 year warranty. Have your boat's name and/or logo embroidered on the mats, as well.

If your boat does not have a boarding mat, dock or deck mat, get one made to welcome your guests and to take extra dirt off their feet before boarding. Nothing shows off a beautiful boat better than a custom mat made ONLY for that boat.

Cockpit carpets can be expensive! Boarding mats will help save cockpit carpets from dirt and help save you from digging into your wallet.

SnapInCarpets offers the best quality mats and embroidery around. It's time to throw the dirty, old mats away. Take advantage of the new pricing while it lasts!

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