PRESS RELEASE: Super Heavy Marine Mats

The Super Heavy Boat Mat will blow your mind but will never blow off your boat.

By Andrea Heard,

Alpharetta, GA- November 9, 2015- You will never have to worry about losing your beautiful, expensive mats out into the sea again when you get the Super Heavy Boat Mat available now from The Matworks LTD. The Super Heavy Boat Mat is 4 times heavier than a typical boating mat. This is achieved by gluing rubber between the carpet and backing.

The carpet and backing still have all the same perks as other mats from The Matworks LTD. The carpet is waterproof, UV stable, mold and mildew resistant, and fade resistant. The backing is duragen rubber, which prevents it from slipping and sliding. Custom logos and personalization can be done by computerized embroidery or multi-level computer carving.

See the Super Heavy Boating Mat at Contact over the phone at 770-663-0040 (metro Atlanta) or 800-795-6287 (toll-free). Also, email us at


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