Hot off the Presses! New lower cost (not lower quality) Marine Vinyl Flooring Options

Matworks is pleased and excited to announce that we are introducing a more affordable option to our super popular Duraweave Luxury Woven Marine Vinyl Flooring; which has the same warranty and is just as gorgeous looking as our current Duraweave. The difference is this is what we use for our manufacturer OEM accounts and we have lots of it so our retail customers now benefit in a BIG way! Call today to see if we have your template on file (and if we don't have yours; it is super simple to make a template or send us your old carpet) and get a quote. As always, you can request FREE samples so you can check it out on your boat before you buy. Here are the colors options which list the color numbers under the color.


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Felix Colosino
Felix Colosino

August 15, 2017

2011 Chaparral Signature 310
Full carpet price and availability

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