Yacht Mats

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Welcome to Monogram Mats a Division of Matworks Ltd; a premier supplier of decking and floor matting products to the world's yachting and boating communities.

We supply standard and premium matting products to accommodate the needs of all areas of your boat, for both wet and dry areas, work stations, internal cabins, external walk ways and even jetty areas, to afford protection for your vessel against dirt and moisture.
Our extensive range of products ensures personalization and performance for your boat, from  our revolutionary marine mats products with marine grade carpet which protects against deck staining with its unique duragen rubber backing which prevents it from slipping and sliding.. The carpet is waterproof, UV stable, mold and mildew resistant, and fade resistant. Custom logos and personalization can be done by computerized embroidery or multi-level computer carving. What makes our embroidery work different from the rest is that we hand digitize all logos for an exceptionally gorgeous logo that stands out. This is why we are #1 in the Marine Mat Industry proudly 30 years in business. 

  • The Standard Marine Mat to give your entry way that individual appearance are made of durable high-quality components, whilst being aesthetically pleasing, yet still affording the functionality that you would expect from a logo floor mat.
  • Our engineers have created the Super Heavy Marine Mat as a much needed solution for stabilizing mats in high wind conditions. You will never have to worry about losing your beautiful, expensive mats out into the sea again. It is 3X heavier and has a friction co-efficient factor that is 6X higher than the standard mat. The  3×5 Super Heavy marine Mat weighs in at 7.26 Kilograms / 18 pounds versus the 2.72 Kilograms/ 6 pounds for our standard mats of the same size. This is achieved by gluing rubber between the carpet and backing. The carpet and backing still have all the same perks as other mats from The Matworks LTD. Captains testing the product said they have never seen a mat that stayed in place in adverse conditions and worked in high traffic areas so well.
  • The Spiked Marine Mat is the most recent addition to our product range. The Spiked Marine Mat was created for carpet on carpet applications to protect the carpet underneath while also staying in place.
  • Custom Inlay mats are made of purely carpet with the logo inlaid in the base mat for an exceptionally elegant look.
  • The Marine Carved Mat is also a very elegant look with the logo being carved into the carpet (all one color). 

.Our range of mats encompasses functionality for both internal and external areas for your boat or yacht, and are all designed to give your vessel a unique look.

All our products can be supplied as single or multiple units, and we deliver to anywhere in the world, at a time that is convenient for you. We also can and do accommodate rush orders and are used to working with tight time lines.  

We can take your artwork or design and transform it into a elegant look for your deck mat, or our in house design team are on hand to help you through the design selection process.

Please see attached price sheet for basic marine mat pricing. Call for quote and to submit artwork. 

 2016 Marine Price Sheet

For a friendly quote with our knowledgeable staff please call

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