SuperHeavy Marine, Dock and Deck Mat

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Save 15% now- enter SUPERHEAVY - coupon code at checkout. Our engineers have created the Super Heavy Marine Mat as a much needed solution for stabilizing mats in high wind conditions. You will never have to worry about losing your beautiful, expensive mats out into the sea again. It is 3X heavier and has a friction co-efficient factor that is 6X higher than the standard mat. The 3×5 Super Heavy marine Mat weighs in at 7.26 Kilograms / 18 pounds versus the 2.72 Kilograms/ 6 pounds for our standard mats of the same size. This is achieved by gluing rubber between the carpet and backing. The carpet and backing still have all the same perks as other mats from The Matworks LTD. Captains testing the product said they have never seen a mat that stayed in place in adverse conditions and worked in high traffic areas so well.

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