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Can't find your boat carpet pattern anywhere? Matworks has the answer: - Matworks

Can't find your boat carpet pattern anywhere? Matworks has the answer:

You have decided that you need to replace your boat carpet...maybe it is worn, maybe it has the horrible black backing or maybe you just want to give your boat that fresh new look.

Versus having to call around all over the place and then if you do find a company that does have your boat carpet replacement template you worry that you wont get the best value on your investment. There are so many companies out there who use discontinued or seconds, which is great for them but not for you. 

Be assured that Matworks manufactures our own marine carpet - there are no seconds or discontinued inventory coming out of our factory. All is original carpet and original luxury woven vinyl marine flooring. Our carpet comes with a full 8 year warranty and the woven vinyl has a 10 year warranty and as we have been in the fine marine carpeting industry for 32 years we aren't going anywhere any time soon. 

And as far as boat carpet replacement goes we have thousands of boat carpet templates (most OEM). You can check for your boat carpet template here:

https://matworks.com/search and just enter in your boat manufacturer and model. The main link to boatcarpet pages are here: https://matworks.com/collections/snap-in-carpet

The great thing is that even if we don't have your boat carpet template you can send us your old carpet or make a template using 4 mil plastic. Instructions are here: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0417/1089/files/TEMPLATE_INSTRUCTIONS.pdf?14571355948727783396.



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