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Deck~ Gunnel Mats

All with our 8 Year Warranty

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The Matworks was founded to supply the high-end mat market with a premium product and the superior customer service it deserves. First impressions are everything, and cheaply made mats will not accentuate your yacht, home, auto, or business. Matworks is the premier carpet manufacturer of American-Made custom mats and carpets.

Golf Cart Mats

Personalize your Game

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Puppies and Kittens

Love their pet products

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Pamper your Pets with Monogrammed Collars & Leashes, Feeding Mats, Grooming Towels... These are pet accessories owners and pets will love!  We provide optional custom embroidery to match. 

Also check out our Innovative Supa Equestrian Products featuring Supa Stirrups, Supa Dry Rack & Supa Grooming Towels

Custom Floor Mats

for Auto, Truck & SUV

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Press Release & Blogs

A great gift for the Dog or Cat Lover

December 06, 2016

Need a gift for your dog or cat lover?  These Custom Pet Mats with Stainless Steel Bowls Set are perfect! Match your mat to home,... Read More

The SuperHeavy #Yacht Mat will blow your mind but will never blow off your #boat

August 10, 2016

Alpharetta, GA- August 10, 2016- You will never have to worry about losing your beautiful, expensive mats out into the sea again when you get... Read More

3 Days to Monaco No Problem

July 13, 2016

At  MatWorks we have customers all over the globe especially in the mega yachting industry. We received a call from a new customer, M/Y Justa... Read More

Tips for Sea Faring Pets (or lake, pond or big creeks) #BoatingWithPets

July 05, 2016

 Tips for to keep your Sea Faring Pet Safe and Happy #BoatingWithPets   If you're a pet owner, you know how hard it is to... Read More