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We have over 1000+ templates in our database, growing daily

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Pick your mat, binding and embroidery color and design

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Our patented snap technology lets you snap in mats easily

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Custom Marine Replacement Carpet and Mats

If you’re a boating enthusiast who likes to customize every part of their vessel to be as stylish or as functional as possible, don’t forget about your boat’s carpeting! Matworks offers a variety of custom boat carpet options for practically every manufacturer and their variety of models. Here’s how you can create custom carpet for your boat right now in 3 easy steps:

  1. Select your boat’s manufacturer above and then choose the specific model and year.
  2. Personalize your new boat mats. Choose from five different materials and a variety of color options for the carpet and binding (the material that binds the edges of the carpet to prevent fraying). We also offer custom logo and text options for your boating carpet as well. If you have a custom logo, graphic, or image you’d like embroidered, contact us so we can provide you with a quote.
  3. Easily install your boat carpet with our patented quick snap technology.

If you don’t see your boat’s manufacturer, model, or model year listed on our site, don’t worry – we can still create custom carpet for your vessel. Contact us, and we’ll create a new boat carpeting template that fits your boat perfectly with some measurements from you.

Our Patented Boat Carpet Snap-in Technology

All boating carpets from Matworks can be easily installed thanks to our patented snap in technology, allowing you to change out your vessel’s flooring in just minutes. In addition to making installation a breeze, snaps are also much better for long-term use when compared to glued carpets. A glued boat carpet is more likely to rise on its edges and will be very difficult to remove and replace should you or a new owner ever choose to do so.

Durable and High-Quality Boating Carpet

Boat carpet, also commonly referred to as marine carpeting, isn’t the same as the carpet in your home. While just as comfortable to walk on barefoot, it’s much more durable. The materials we use are anti-microbial and feature a non-slip waterproof polyurethane foam base. Boat carpeting from Matworks is also UV resistant, so you can install them anywhere on your vessel without worrying about direct sunlight causing the color to fade.

Matworks brings the most technologically advanced flooring materials to install on your boat for years of boating pleasure. We offer 8-10 year warranty on all our custom snap In boat carpet sets.

Matworks has thousands of OEM boat templates direct from the manufacturer so you template will fit every time beautifully. We make all our carpet to order and give you the ability to personalize all aspects. You can get your pre-cut boat replacement boat flooring to what best fits your needs.

Marine Grade Carpet

Our marine grade carpet is such a premium product that purchases come with an 8 year warranty on cockpit carpet and backing and lifetime warranty on binding (edging) and embroidery (if you have it on your cockpit). Most of the standard carpet colors are our most popular colors, such as the tans, greys, black and navy. You can see standard cockpit carpet colors here: Standard Marine Carpet Options

Duraweave Luxury Woven Vinyl Marine Flooring

Another available option is our Duraweave line, which is the Luxury Woven Vinyl which is so wildly popular these days. The advantages to the Duraweaves are that they are waterproof, so not much drying time, fade & stain proof and are very attractive on the boat. 

We have 2 different manufacturers that we purchase from. They both come with a 10 year warranty and come in a huge variety of color options.