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How Branded Floor Mats Can Help - Real Estate Tips

How Branded Floor Mats Can Help - Real Estate Tips

Branded floor mats are an effective way to promote listings. This form of marketing allows agents to create custom floor mats with logos or messages that serve as a walking and clear advertisement for their brand.

When designing branded floor mats, there are a few key factors to keep in mind. First and foremost, it is important to consider the message you want to come across when customers see your mat. It should be eye-catching, memorable and convey the main benefits of your product or listing in a few words or slogans. Additionally, the design should be bold and colorful to really stand out among other promotional materials.

The material of the mat itself is also essential when it comes to branding floor mats. Different materials have different advantages and disadvantages depending on where they will be used so it’s important to choose the right material for each application. At Matworks we offer carpeting which provides durable protection against dirt and moisture, perfect for areas with heavy foot traffic, has rubber backing which offers superior stability; and is lightweight but still very durable.

Using branded floor mats can be particularly useful for real estate agents trying to promote their listings as it can help draw attention directly when clients enter the property. By strategically placing branded local area maps at locations like lobbies in apartment buildings or walkways leading up to homes will allow prospective buyers/renters to familiarize themselves with the area while being reminded of the agent’s brand all at once!

Branding floor mats offer numerous opportunities for Agents looking to make their services more visible in both public and private spaces alike! Investing into quality designed merchandise like these can provide a powerful return on investment through increased visibility, enhanced branding & improved customer relations - not forgetting having conversations starters upon entering any space!

Contact us to learn more about how branded floor mats can help you promote your brand further.

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