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Tips for Sea Faring Pets (or lake, pond or big creeks) #BoatingWithPets - Matworks

Tips for Sea Faring Pets (or lake, pond or big creeks) #BoatingWithPets

 Tips for to keep your Sea Faring Pet Safe and Happy #BoatingWithPets

If you're a pet owner, you know how hard it is to leave your pet buddy at home while you're out on the waters. Because of this, many people end up bringing their pets aboard, but it's uber important to take the same care and safety measures for your pet family members as you do for the humans on deck. I have put together a few key tips for keeping your pet safe while cruising the waterways. 

Bring your pet aboard the vessel a few times before setting sail to familiarize them with the new environment and unusual sensations. If you're considering bringing a feline on deck, make sure to survey your boat for holes, cracks, and hiding places beforehand and close off all nooks your cat may be curious about. This will save you the frustrations of struggling to pry your cat out of potentially dangerous areas and compartments on the boat while cruising. What's more, only bring a cat with claws on board a boat­-a clawless kitty cannot grab hold of a rope or safety net if they slip off the side.


Next, traveling with your pet requires more than just bringing them along with you. A commonly overlooked part of pet travel is paperwork. Just like us humans, your pet needs a passport if you plan to take them along to explore international waters, as required by law in most countries. Moreover, pets are frequently required by law to have a microchip (which is necessary to register your pet for a passport), and owners should have proper carrying and vaccination paperwork for each traveling pet (store in a waterproof baggy for safekeeping). Adding your boat's name to your pet's collar tag is also an idea to consider for if they get loose around a marina. 

Check out this useful link for traveling https://www.avma.org/public/PetCare/CVI/pages/traveling-dog-cat.aspx


Next up in the series: Safety Gear and Feeding  your pets while on the boat.

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