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10 Essential Tips on Carpet Car Cleaning

There’s nothing more frustrating than giving yourself a new car and later seeing it old and dirty.  Food, drinks, chocolates, candies contribute in turning the interior of your car look ugly and beaten.  Be it cloth, leather, or carpet, you car needs quality to bring back its newness and beauty.  Maintaining the inward and outward appearance of your car really matters. Follow these tips to keep your new Monogram Mats clean and fresh!!

How do you deal with car carpet stains and spills?

  1. Dilute coffee spills right away using cool water then blot with clean rags or paper towels.  If stain is not removed after drying, spray on glass cleaner. Soak the part with spill, wait for 5 minutes and then blot.  Glass cleaner can clean upholstery and carpeting without soapy residues, unlike traditional carpet cleansers.
  2. To clean fast the vinyl seats, wipe them using baking soda with a damp rag. Rinse well with clean water and dishwashing cleanser.  For vinyl, it is gentler to apply baking soda instead of oil-based detergent which only hardens the vinyl.
  3. Hairspray lifts out stain from pen ink.  If you have this kind of stain on upholstery and carpet, just simply use hairspray.  Salt has also the same cleaning effect.  Let it sit until stain gets absorbed and then brush it off.  Do the same procedure as needed.
  4. To deal with upholstery and carpet staines; use a gallon of warm water, dish washing detergent, and white vinegar.  Get a brush with hard bristle to stir the mixture completely on the carpet fibers.  Allow it to sit for half an hour.  Blot the stain with dry, white towel or thick porous rags.  Similarly, this procedure is effective for pet urine and stains.
  5. To cheer up the faded carpet, first is to vacuum it and use a sponge mop in applying mixture of clear ammonia to one pint of liquid water.  Evaluate the mixture by testing it on hidden parts.  For caution, never use ammonia if your carpets are made of wool.
  6. If carpet has a foul smell, you can generously sprinkle team borax.  Allow it to remain untouched within an hour prior to vacuuming the unpleasant odor and dirt.  If you travel with your dog pet, it makes you happy to learn that the next borax application kills fleas, including their eggs.
  7. Are the edges of your carpet beginning to fray?  Paint the carpet edges and layers using liquid resin.  They can be purchased from fabric and craft shops to keep the fibers in right place.
  8. Before carpets appear to be worn out, they need to be vacuumed as you would to a home carpet.  It restores the fibers quality and counteracts the dirt effects pounded on it.  If the condition is not good, it is better to rent a machine cleaner available in the shops.  When using this machine, be sure to remove the water when you are finished.  To step on carpets that are wet only damages the sensitive fibers.
  9. To spray a combination of 1 part of fabric softener and 4 parts of water on carpet will reduce the static state of the carpet.  It removes the light shock which happens when touching metal objects.
  10. To keep your car mats like brand new ones, spray them with a good Scotchgard Fabric and Upholstery Protector.  Also, it makes your mats a lot easier to clean.

Your car’s carpet is probably one of the most unclean parts of your car.  Just consider the amount of dirt, dust, and grime each time you get into the car and step on the carpet. This is true especially during rainy and winter season.  The good thing is car carpets are very easy to clean with the above tips.

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