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Getting ready for Boating Season!!!!!

After last week I'm willing to bet Everyone is ready for WARM weather! Guess what Spring is right around the corner. Soon we’ll be basking in the warm  glow of sunlight and boating days will be apone us. In this bit of a waiting mode it’s a great time to get ready and geared up for the season to come. So if you're ready for Boating Season! But is the boat ready? I’ll refresh you with some tasks you can get the jump on.


Now is a great time to get the boat tuned up and to the shop if you don’t do your own work and beat the beginning season rush. Don't forget the tires on your tow vehicle and the trailer and don’t forget about greasing the bearings in the trailer. A lot of boating centers and marinas offer discounts before the peak of season.

Upgrade your gear check out all your ropes, buoys, flares, radios, fire extinguisher, and life vests.Kids grow fast so make sure the vests still fit and are in working order. Costco offers some really nice vests this time of year as do most of the warehouse club stores. Don't forget to pick up some new Beach towels and the new toys coming out. 


Look at the carpet on your Boat! This is a great time of year to replace old Cockpits, Gun-L and deck mats. We here at Matworks LTD can make all of those items for you. We do custom personalization as well :) Please check out our web site at all the wonderful color we have in stock www.snapincarpets.com


Getting a jump on freshening up and replacing all the worn out items will have you all ready for the season and starting your purchasing now will spread out the cost instead of one big pre-season hit. Now is the time to make those trip reservations and campground site choices as they fill up fast. I hope you’re all geared up and ready by the time your next adventure in boating kicks off.

Happy Boating this up coming season!!!!



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