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Splish Splash, Your Pup Needs A Bath

Being Positive
You always want bath time to be associated with something positive, such as treats, for your dog. Bring your dog to the bathroom and have them get into the empty tub and sit. When they sit and stay, give your dog praise and treats. Then, work your way to turning on the water. You always want warm water, not hot or cold. When your dog sits and stays in the water, give them more praise and treats. Your dog will quickly catch on that when they sit and stay, they will get lots of praise and treats, and what else could a dog ask for!?



Watch Out For The Ears
Try your best to avoid getting water into your dog's ears, while this could lead to health problems and cause your dog much discomfort.



Soap Is Key
Talk to your vet about what kind of shampoo is best for your dog. All dogs are different. Some are more sensitive to soaps than others. You want a mild soap what will clean and rid your dog of any odors, but you also do not want the soap to strip the dog of essential oils. The essential oils keep the dog from having itchy, flaky skin.



Bathing Just Right
Wash your dog with the soap from the neck down. Use a damp washcloth to wash his/her face. You do not want soap in your dog's eyes, nose, or mouth.



Perfectly Dry
Use the new Matworks Drying and Grooming Dog Towel to dry off your dog. This towel is extremely absorbent. It has hand pockets so you never have to worry about dropping a clean towel onto the floor, getting it dirty, while trying to dry your dog. Drying your dog has never been easier! Also, the grooming and drying towel has 4 layers to soak up all the water. It is the perfect and essential tool to your dog bathing process. Make the towel even better by having your dog's name embroidered onto it.






Don't forget to watch out for the unstoppable shake your dog has to give at the end in attempt to dry himself/herself off. You might need your own towel after that! :)




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