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3 Easy Steps to Getting New Boat Carpet or Sea Grass - Matworks

3 Easy Steps to Getting New Boat Carpet or Sea Grass

Want to take advantage of this year's pricing and the current free shipping discount but don't want to run around without carpet in your boat? There is a good chance that we have your template already on file but it we don't have you template on file;  I have the answer and it is easier than you think to get new boat carpet or sea grass (Duraweave): make a template. Now before you start groaning, it is a simple process to make a template. Here it is in 3 easy steps:

1. Buy 4 mil plastic from you home improvement store. get a sheet large enough to accommodate all your pieces.

2. Lay the plastic down and lay all you pieces on the plastic you bought. Trace each piece and put an arrow for bow direction (important). If you have hatches or holes put those on the piece also. We do have a lot of experience and will center circles and staight-line where need be. When you are done DO NOT CUT the pieces out; just package up the sheet and put it in an envelope. 

3. Mail your template to:


2020 Grassland Parkway

Alpharetta GA 30004

As always, feel free to call us at 770-663-0040 if you need any help at all or want samples of carpet and/or Duraweave.






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