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Glued Down Carpet on your Boat-No Problem!

Glued Down Carpet on your Boat-No Problem!

January 10, 2018

Why should you use Snap In Carpet?

When most boats were made, carpet was glued down within the boat. When it comes time to change that carpet, most believe they must rip up the old carpet, grind away all the old glue from the floors, and then have new carpet glued down.

This becomes an EXTREMELY time costly and expensive project. Unless you have, give or take, 40 hours (for those less experienced in carpet replacement) of free time to work on replacing your carpet, which most of us do not, you will consider hiring someone to do the work for you. This will take them many hours, charging you upwards of $100 an hour for labor costs alone. This does not include carpet and supplies.

If simply reading about it is frustrating, then snap in carpets is for you! Snap In carpet can be put over your pre-existing glued carpet. The only tool needed in a battery-operated hand drill, and it is simple enough for boat owners (even those less experienced with boat carpet replacement) to do it themselves. An accurate pattern must be made to make sure the new carpet covers the pre-existing carpet and fits well around the pedestals. We will cut your replacement carpet, bind it, and provide all the snaps you need. The only thing left is for you to drill down the snaps into the boat and snap your new carpet into place. Even if you do not have old carpeting down, snap in carpet is still perfect for you. It is the easiest, cleanest, time and cost efficient way to install new boat carpet. We have numerous carpet colors and binding colors to choose from. We can even embroider a logo, boat name, or picture into your carpet.

Time on your boat should be relaxing, not frustrating!  Choose Matworks!

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