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Trojan Yachts Cockpit Carpet Sets

SNAPS ARE INCLUDED BUT NOT INSTALLED. Snap placement can vary slightly from boat to boat. To guarantee correct placement, snaps are sent loose to be installed once you receive your new mats and the snaps can be installed to match the placement already on your boat.

 If we don't have the template you need, you can simply send us your self-made template and we will custom cut your carpets for you in your choice of carpet style and color. If you use your old carpets to make a template make sure to cut it out and lay your template back in the boat and make sure all the studs for snaps are covered by the template. Carpet is usually stretched out onto the snaps and when the carpet comes off the snaps carpet can shrink up to an inch or more. If we make your carpet using your template and the new material does not fit your new material is NOT returnable or refundable as your template was what we used to cut your new carpet. 

If the template we have listed is not your exact year or does not have a product picture it is YOUR responsibility to contact us to get dimensions to check against your studs in your boat. Boats and boat options are different for different years.



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