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Boat Mat Snaps Installation Guide

Boat Mat Snaps Installation Guide

The snaps for your boat mats are sent loose to be installed once you put your new mats into the boat. Please note that we are unable to guarantee precise snap placement, as it can vary slightly from boat to boat. Follow the steps below for proper installation:

  1. Take your sharpie marker and lay one mat piece down, ensuring it is centered and covering all studs.
  2. Starting from the top left edge, pull back the edge of the carpet and color the edge of the studs thoroughly with the marker.
  3. Push the carpet back down on top of the stud, then lift it back up. The marker will leave a mark on the backing, indicating where to install the snap.
  4. Once marked, install the snap on the marked spot, then snap it down.
  5. Work your way from left to right down the boat, keeping the mats centered as you install the snaps.

Please note that you will need a snap tool for installation. Most canvas/upholstery shops, boat repair shops, or marinas can install the snaps for you. Alternatively, you can get a snap tool and install them yourself. We recommend the (Click on) snap tool available on Amazon, or you can consider using the (Click on) installation video made by one of our customers for guidance.

The (Click on) Pres-N-Snap tool is another recommended tool for easy snap installation. It can usually be found on Amazon or eBay at an affordable price. Before purchasing a tool, consider asking boat repair shops, canvas shops, or upholstery shops, as they might have tools available for borrowing or snap installation services.

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