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Baja 302 Boss Snap in Boat Carpet

Original price $ 612.50 - Original price $ 612.50
Original price
$ 612.50
$ 612.50 - $ 612.50
Current price $ 612.50

Delivery time

*Disclaimer we ship FREE Samples with USPS. In the past few weeks delivery time has been between 4 to 6 weeks

Special Note Snaps are provided but not pre-installed, allowing for customized placement on your boat. Install them to match the existing snaps once you receive your new mats.

IMPORTANT: All of Matworks cockpits are custom made at time of order; so therefore please check product pictures and measurements BEFORE ordering as material is not refundable or returnable for incorrect ordering. Please note that right click and copying functionality has been disabled so if you need a larger PDF to check your measurements please call 770-663-0040 to request the dimensions to be emailed to you. If measurements are not included as a product picture please call 770-663-0040 to request them. Every boat is slightly different so we allow for a tolerance level of up to 1/2 inch difference when comparing. As always, if you have any concerns questions at all make a template for your new boat carpet.

Elevate your Baja 302 Boss with our custom Snap-In Boat Carpet. This carpet offers a precise fit, ensuring comfort and protection for your boat's deck. Crafted from high-quality marine-grade materials, it's built to withstand the challenges of boating while enhancing your boat's aesthetics. Upgrade your adventures on the water with this top-quality, personalized boat carpet.