Matworks Carpet Snap Install FAQs

Matworks Carpet Snap Install FAQs

September 13, 2018

Do we install the snaps in your new boat carpet?

When customers call in for information about buying new snap in carpet for their boat (or place an order online) one of the top questions that we are asked is if we install the snaps in the carpet. The answer to this is NO that we do not  install the snaps in your new carpet because the manufacturers send us OEM cut files without any snap location markings. Also, for the installation to turn out perfectly the process really needs to be done in the boat. All that has to be off is one snap..We have made a great tutorial video for you that shows how to install the snaps into your boat and the materials needed. 

Do we give you the snaps with your newly purchased boat carpet?

The second questions is if the snaps come with the boat carpet. Yes!  We include the snaps needed for your model boat. Our production team has many years of experience and know how many snaps are needed for each carpet but you can always request more.

Where do I get the snap tool?

The third question we are asked is if we provide the tool (no) and where to get the tool. The tools run from as low as $30 on amazon to $300 for a professional tool. 
Your local canvas shop or marina should have this tool and many people choose to pay to get the installation of the material done professionally. The tool is the same one used for canvas snaps and the tension has to be adjusted for it to work correctly for carpet or duraweave. 

What if I do not want to put the snaps in?

If you really do not want to deal with installing the snaps yourself you can choose to pay someone to install them for you at your local canvas shop or marina.


A visual aid on the snap install process:

A quick breakdown of how to put the snaps in:

Most boats already have the snap studs installed into their boat so you just need to attach the top snap fastener part through the top of your new carpet and crimp the bottom piece of the fastener (which snaps into the boat) onto the top part.and then snap the carpet into your boat.
First, lay your pieces in the boat to make sure the fit is correct and all snaps are covered. The best process is to lay your carpet down in your boat where it is to be installed. A great tip is to use a colored marker to mark where each snap should be installed. Pick up the edge of the carpet and trace the top of the snap stud (the piece that is already installed in your boat floor) with ink from the marker and then press the carpet back to mark the bottom part of the carpet with a circle that will show you where to install the snap. When you install your snaps the best method is to go from to side to side because if you go down one side only the other side can inadvertently move and that side will be short. Also, the buttons are usually installed right below the binding on the edges of the material. Continue this process until all your studs in boat floor have a corresponding snap installed in the material.  

What if I do not have the studs in my boat and want to install snap in boat carpet?

If you do not have the snap studs installed in the floor of your boat you can simply screw them into the floor of your boat. You can request the bottom snaps when your order your carpet.  The placement of these bottom snap pieces into the floor works best about a foot apart around the boat floor. There is not an exact placement requirement. The idea is just to add enough so that the boat carpet will snap in and be held down.
While you do have various choices of snap tools we recommend  a snap installer (similar to the one shown below) over the hammering method as it is much easier and results tend to be better. Both methods will work and demonstrations are included in the tutorial video.
Here is the link to the video demonstration:

Click on the individual picture to open in full screen. PICTURES SHOWN ARE FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY.

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