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2002- 2005 Doral 360 Boca Grande Snap in Boat Carpet

Original price $ 875.00 - Original price $ 875.00
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$ 875.00
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Delivery time

4-6 week to delivery

Special Note Snaps are provided but not pre-installed, allowing for customized placement on your boat. Install them to match the existing snaps once you receive your new mats.

IMPORTANT: All of Matworks cockpits are custom made at time of order; so therefore please check product pictures and measurements BEFORE ordering as material is not refundable or returnable for incorrect ordering. Please note that right click and copying functionality has been disabled so if you need a larger PDF to check your measurements please call 770-663-0040 to request the dimensions to be emailed to you. If measurements are not included as a product picture please call 770-663-0040 to request them. Every boat is slightly different so we allow for a tolerance level of up to 1/2 inch difference when comparing. As always, if you have any concerns questions at all make a template for your new boat carpet.

Enhance your 2002-2005 Doral 360 Boca Grande with our custom Snap-In Boat Carpet. Precision-cut for a perfect fit, this carpet seamlessly combines style, protection, and comfort. Crafted from premium marine-grade materials, it's engineered to withstand the demanding marine environment while enhancing your boat's aesthetics. Elevate your boating experiences with this top-quality, personalized boat carpet.

Introducing the Doral 360 Boca Grande Snap-in Boat Carpet, designed to elevate your boating experience with a perfect blend of style, comfort, and functionality. Crafted for the years 2002 to 2005 models, this custom-fit boat carpet is a premium addition to your vessel.

Constructed with precision and care, the Doral 360 Boca Grande Snap-in Boat Carpet seamlessly integrates into your boat's interior, transforming it into a cozy haven. Its tailored design ensures a flawless fit, enhancing the aesthetics of your boat's flooring while providing protection against wear and tear.

The plush texture of the carpet offers a luxurious underfoot feel, inviting you to relax and unwind as you sail. Its innovative snap-in mechanism simplifies installation and removal, making maintenance a breeze. Whether you're entertaining guests or enjoying solitary moments on the water, this carpet's durable material and impeccable craftsmanship guarantee long-lasting performance.

Upgrade your boat's ambiance with the Doral 360 Boca Grande Snap-in Boat Carpet. Embrace a harmonious blend of elegance and practicality, while relishing the convenience of easy maintenance. Elevate your boating adventures today with this exquisite boat carpet that combines form and function effortlessly.



Snap In Boat Carpet

Key Product Features

8-10 Year Industry Leading Factory Warranty

Carpets has a 8 year warranty & Duraweave has a 10 year factory warranty.

Stain Resistant and Pressure Washable

Both base material and embroidery can be pressure-washed

Personalize To You

Pick the color and special embroidery. Don't see what you like, contact us. We have the ability to customize beyond what we can list online.

Pre-Cut and Easy to install

All on carpets are pre-cut and bound with snaps provided, saving you the time for a quick install.

Easy to install


Each of our cockpit sets comes with easy to install boat snaps that can be installed in your boat. Check out this blog on everything you need to know about installing snaps into your new Matworks boat carpet.


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