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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

FAQs And Contact Us

FAQs And Contact Us

1. How do I find out if my template is available on the Matworks website?

We have many manufacturers templates; thousands in fact. To look up your boat on our website look in the top navigation bar (for desktop) or click on the menu button slide out navigation (cell phones and iPads). The cockpits are divided alphabetically in 2 difference links navigation links.
Cockpit A-H for boat manufactures beginning with these letters.
Cockpit I-Z for boat manufacturers beginning with these letters.
On each boat manufacturer page the boats are sorted by boat length for quick lookup.

2. Is checking my dimensions shown on the product page against my current carpet really necessary?

Yes!! The reason we put the dimensions on the product pages is so that you can check and make sure our template will work for your boat. We do not change years as confirmed so possibly the year listed might be different from your boat but if the dimensions work our template will work for your new boat carpet or Duraweave order. This is also the reason we do not do refunds or returns as every order is custom made at the time of order. There is a tolerance of .5" that shouldn't cause an issue but if your dimensions are more than that call us so we can possibly re-digitize the file to cut for your individual boat. Important: Check your dimensions from binding edge to binding edge.

3. What if I cannot find my template on your website? Can I still get cockpit carpet made?

Absolutely! To make a template follow these instructions:
Template Instructions
Also, very important please include with your template:
A. Your name and contact info.
B. Year, make and model of your boat.
C. Which material you are interested in getting a quote on.
Once we receive your template we will call you with a quote and then we will help you place your order.

4. Can I just send you my old carpet to use as a template for the new carpet?

We cannot accept carpet as a template as it can draw up once taken off the snaps and put through the mail. We have seen carpet shrink up to 3 inches! We want your new carpet to fit and cover all the snaps and be perfect for your boat.

5. What is the difference between cut pile and berber style carpet?

There is no difference in the quality of the marine carpet just difference in style. With cut pile carpet all the fibers are the same length and with berber the fibers are woven into small loops.

6. What is the difference between the standard cockpit carpet and the specialty cockpit carpet?

There is no difference between the carpets except we have to back the specialty carpet in house and that adds to the cost of the carpet.

7. What is the marine carpet and backing made of?

Our marine carpet is manufactured from solution-dyed polypropylene fibers. The carpets have a stain-resistant substance, which makes it highly durable and UV resistant. The marine backing is made of duragon rubber - a backing made especially for marine carpet applications.

8. How do I clean my new flooring material?

For Marine Carpet products:
Wash with a hose or pressure washer on a low setting. If there is dirt that is not removed with water, use mild carpet soap, diluted with water, as needed. Do not use commercial carpet cleaner machines as this may damage the carpet. Do not use any corrosive or strong chemicals to clean your carpet. This voids your warranty.
For Duraweave products:
Wash with water hose and use mild soap such as Dawn detergent to clean dirt.

9. What is the difference between Standard Duraweave, Specialty Duraweave and Teak Style Duraweave?

Standard Duraweave is made by Summit Flooring and is warrantied by them. and Specialty and Teak Style are made by Infinity and are warrantied by them. The warranty for both companies is 10 years against defective products.

10. What is the difference between marine carpet and the Duraweave flooring products?

Marine carpet is made of synthetic olefin fibers with a duragon rubber backing. The marine carpet is made for marine applications to be able to withstand water and harsh outdoor conditions.
Duraweave is a woven vinyl product comprised of PVC wrapped fibers with a urethane backing. This material has become very popular with boat owners as it is able to handle wet conditions better than marine carpet.
One thing to note is that they are entirely different materials. We suggest getting samples to make sure you are knowledgeable about which material to choose. Please note: Duraweave material does get hotter in the sun than carpet.
Do NOT dry or lay out duraweave foam (backing) side up. The foam is not designed to be exposed to extended sunlight. If rolled and stored, it needs to be rolled face out.

11. Do you offer free samples?

Yes, we offer up to 6 free samples. They are approximately 2.5" x 2.5" in size and are mailed with regular mail service. Please note that the teak style duraweave samples are 1.5" x 5" (to show 2 stripes). Here is the link to the online sample request form.

12. Is it possible to see what I order on the website before I order?

Our website does not have the capability to create mockups/proofs before ordering, and mockups/proofs will not be provided after you order. If you wish to pay for a proof/mockup, there is a charge of $75 that is not credited to the future purchase. This is also limited to boarding mats, customized towels, and golf carts orders. There are no mockups/proofs for cockpit or swim platform snap-in carpet. You must contact to order your mockup/proof to be done and must be paid for prior to the artwork being done. All customized orders are not refundable or returnable if you decide that you do not like the embroidery completed on your order.

13. Where do I find all the available cockpit materials on the website?

Under the link cockpit materials in the navigation:
Cockpit Available Options
The pages listed below this main link show a page for color example squares, and immediately after that are pages for the different available materials in a gallery for those specific colors. Many of the gallery pictures are Matworks customer supplied pictures and we love that people share them. If you want to share yours after your material is installed in your boat, email them to We are working on building our galleries, but we do not have every color available shown.

14. Do snaps come with my order? Are they installed in the ordered material?

Snaps are included with your order but not installed in the carpet. Snap installation needs to be done in the boat. Here is some great info and a video showing an installation.

15. Do you sell snap tools?

No, we do not. We have found with the volume of orders we do each boating season we could not keep the tools in stock, and the orders were waiting on tools to be shipped out.
A couple of great options on Amazon are: Hoover Pres-N-Snap or the Ironwood Pacific.

16. How do you handle fit issues?

Most products have dimensions on a product picture, but if they are not there you may request dimensions to check against your current carpet or boat to make sure what you ordering will fit your boat. Each cockpit kit is custom made at the time of order and are not refundable for incorrect ordering. Please inspect your new boat carpet for any fit issues within 30 days of the delivery date and contact us if there are any issues.
Matworks makes every attempt to make sure your boat carpet will fit correctly. Every boat is slightly different, so please allow up to a half-inch tolerance on the edges. Also, when installing boat carpet, lay the material out before installing snaps and work from left to right so the material will stay even.

17. Do you give refunds?

We do not give refunds, as everything is custom made to order, but we will work with you on any issue you have if there is one. However, we do provide the dimensions on any of our cockpits, and it is your responsibility to request them if you have any questions concerning the template for your boat. Most of the templates do have the dimensions as a product picture, but if your boat template does not call us at 770-663-0040, and we will provide them for you.

18. What kind of warranty is included with the marine carpet?

Cockpit & Cabin Mats Warranty:
Eight years warranty on defective carpet & backing, lifetime warranty on carpet binding. Customer must ship mat back at their cost for repair or replacement, as determined by the manufacturer. Embroidery thread is made of UV stable polyester and will fade, so we do not guarantee embroidery thread against fading.
Boarding & Deck Mats Warranty:
One year warranty on defective carpet & backing, lifetime warranty on carpet binding. Embroidery thread is made of UV stable polyester and will fade, so we do not guarantee embroidery thread against fading. Customer must ship mat back at their cost for repair or replacement, as determined by the manufacturer.
Information on rope binding for mats can be found here.
Sample requests for the rope binding may be sent to
Duraweave Marine Vinyl Warranty:
Ten year warranty on defective material as determined by the manufacturer:
The Standard Duraweave is made by and warrantied by Summit Marine Flooring.
The Specialty and Teak Duraweave material is made by and warrantied by Infinity Luxury Woven Products.
Production Quality Tolerance Policy:
While our production team makes every effort to follow high-quality production practices, the following instances and situations are not covered for replacement due to the manufacturing process of the materials and also the process of running materials through the cutting machines and binding machines.
All Carpet and Duraweave materials: Natural variations in dye lots and carpet grain are not covered for replacement.
Patterns woven into Duraweave material may not match 100% at butting seams and are not covered for replacement.
Although all of our patterns are cut in the same grain direction, natural properties of tufted material may have differences and are not covered for replacement.
Overall dimensions of cockpit patterns are manufactured to have an acceptable tolerance of .5 inch and are not covered for replacement.

19. How can I reach customer service?

Our customer service hours are from 9-4 standard eastern time. To reach one of our friendly customer service staff call 770-663-0040 or email

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